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Somnia Lyrics


Asleep, For Years, Remember, Oh, You Left, Somnia



Please don’t wake me when I fall asleep

I’ll sleep till the dreams reach forever

But until that touch, I hope it’s not too much

To ask of you.

My every thought will be caught on your chest

Falling like snow on the treetops

Not until that snowfall slows, till everything goes

Till I let my breathing stop

He said

No matter how fast you run

I’ll catch up to you

I said

I’m limping not running

This world and I are through

I could not wake you when you fell asleep

Let you fall through my arms, I could never

I’d had enough, this was far too much

To ask of me

My very heart will not start if you go

Leaving me here without you

No lungs left for breath my ears will go deaf

I will be of no use

He said

No matter how fast you run

I’ll catch up to you

I said

I’m limping not running

This world and I are through

There’s nothing you can do.

This world and I are through.


For Years

For years I’ve been dreaming

Let my bones grow cold

As the world keeps breathing

I’ve slowly let go

And I can still see you,

but try as I may

My arms cannot reach you

Can feel myself fade

Reverse my first step

Give the water my last

Every word I have said

I’ll give it all back

Darling looks like you’re leaving

and turning to ash

There’s no point in pleading

so I won’t do that

But I can still feel you

I know you’re still here

I’ll reach out to touch you

in hopes that you’re near

Reverse my first step

We can start anew

Every word I have said

Your words are not you

You’re in love with a ghost

No, I’m in love with you

But if a ghost is what you are

I’ll be a ghost too. 



One day when you’re older

Once your fire dulls to a smoulder

Your embers might remember

A forgotten September but

They’ll never remember me

I won’t let you remember me

Won’t be able to place it a familiar face

It will never fade away

And I’ll meet your heroes but I’ll never tell them your name

All because you stole the laughter

You ripped out the after

When you turned the light back to grey

But whether you’ll grow up

Is as much of a mystery

To you as it is to me



Oh it was broken from the beginning

But I would still see him

Hoped he was the one

He was the lesson

And I too would teach him

And then we’d be nothing

We’d have to move on

Tell that to my heart

Tell that to my heart, heart

Tell that to my heart


You Left

You left your suit your tie,

your briefcase your breakfast

Your laundry, your liquor

You left your mattress

You kept our love, our lives

The fire from our matches

Our laughter, its stitches

You kept our first kiss

You left it at this

You left

You left.


I'm a sleep walker

A dirty day talker

The sun is too bright for my eyes

I'm just as afraid as

The people who made me

And they're just as scared as their folks

And so I'm retreating

I'd rather be sleeping than

Scheming, believing in their fleeting feelings

They're awake

While I am dreaming


‘Somnia’ written by Catherine Frances